Cristoforo Biscotti (also known as Aldo’s Biscotti) are produced with dedicated attention to detail. The dough, which is comprised of only five natural ingredients plus a leavening agent, is prepared in small batches to guarantee freshness. The logs are formed by hand to ensure obtaining the desired texture, they are baked and then allowed to rest 24 hours in order to “season” properly. Once they are sliced, the biscotti are baked a second time (biscotti means baked twice in Italian) until they have acquired the perfect toasted flavor. When they are “just right” they are hand packed in our easily recognizable bags where their exceptional quality is clearly visible.

We offer two classic flavors, almond biscotti and hazelnut biscotti. They can be ordered “plain” or coated on one end with chocolate. The biscotti that are favored with a dip in chocolate are carefully hand dipped in Callebaut chocolate complementing their crisp, nutty nature.

The most luxurious of our biscotti, the “Harlequin”, is a hazelnut biscotti dipped in Callebaut white chocolate on one end and Callebaut dark chocolate on the other. How can it get any better than that!

Five simple ingredients = flavorful, honest goodness

Five simple ingredients + chocolate = flavorful, honest goodness and then some!